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Mid Day Haldi Details | The Perfect Blend Of Tradition And Fun

Mounica Haldi Bride Ceremony | Wedding Rituals | Creative Cloud Designs

"Yellow! Yellow! Yellow!🏵 From the turmeric to the clothes to the yellow marigolds.

Mid-Day Haldi ceremony: Blessing the bride with a special turmeric paste. Each guest blesses the bride depending on their side by take two sprigs of thyme, dipping it in an oil and herbal mixture, and tapping the feet, knees, elbows, and head in alternating crossing fashion, then dips into a vat of turmeric mixture and wipes it in varying degrees on the bride.

The Real Hindu Wedding Haldi Ceremony Pictures- Bridal Shower Photoshoot Ideas from Saichand Mounica's South Indian Hindu Wedding Rituals framed by Creative Cloud Designs Photography

The bride can retaliate depending on closeness and jokeness. The brother of the bride had a face covered in turmeric paste by the end. I got a polite little dot in my bindi.


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