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We photographed several intimate weddings in 2021, the year of the pandemic. We are thankful to couples Mr.Adithya and Ms. Sravani that chose to get married outdoors and trusted us to shoot their intimate wedding.

"Determined Couple ties the Knot during Covid-19 - Uncertain times and South Indian Weddings - At Home"

With Pandemic situation created due to Covid-19, the entire world have struggled to find a way to be happy; while most ways are failing, this determined Indian couple decided to tie their knot and get married while so many uncertainties are constantly emerging.

"Adithya & Sravani - Indian Wedding Couple tied their knot during Covid-19 Pandemic"

While the coronavirus pandemic can’t stop love, it sure has a way of thwarting long-made plans — including weddings. Some couples have vowed to cancel their nuptials until they can have the packed party of their dreams, others are turning to unique methods to ensure their ceremonies are social distancing-friendly.

"Indian Wedding Couple Portrait of Adithya & Sravani"

One day just four weeks prior to their wedding, Adithya & Sravani decided to move forward with their wedding thinking in their mind - "whatever happens - happens for Good". And here is the final outcome of their beautiful wedding. Check out their Indian Wedding Video at their home on backyard.

However, because of the COVID 19 we were not able to get our big wedding.

"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle....!"

That look towards her hubby ❤️ beginning of her new journey With a lots of love and Emotions.

These picture Speaks so much for Us. Because those eyes,smile on her face shows how much she Love her wedding and that glow reminds Surreal.

"She is a super happy bride every soul feels happy by seeing her face on that bigday. "

"These shot has been taken just before the little tiny of gap between the Most awaited movement in every Indian Wedding "The Knot/ Mangalsutra" that caught our eyes & tucked our hearts😍"

The beauty of photography freezing the movements at very right time and also we can take something very simple and make it a special moment just by capturing the image at the right time.

❤️Wedding Ceremony❤️

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