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Bhuvan Weds Geethika | Wedding Ceremony | Hyderabad

Bhuvan Geethika Wedding Highlights 2020 | Creative Cloud Designs Photography

Wedding is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story Wedding day, is the one day where your happiness level knows no peak It's the day every girl waits for in her life!!! This is the most preferable day of classic choices and moments of emotions. It's a pleasant surprise to come across this wonderful couple Bhuvan & Geethika to capture their most adorable moments 😊⁠.

"Marrying the love of your life is truly a blessing ❤️"

"And in her eyes I see something more beautiful than the stars and I told the stars about you!❤️😍💞"

❤️Wedding Ceremony❤️

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#CouplesInFrame💏: Bhuvan & Geethika 👩‍❤️‍👨 Beautiful ❤️ Couple

Bhuvan Geethika Wedding Photo Gallery | Kamma Sangham Community Hall | Hyderabad

Photography by Creative cloud designs photography

Venue: Kamma Sangham, Hyderabad

In a Telugu wedding, Jeelakarra Bellam signifies the union/marriage of the bride and the groom. Jeelakarra (cumin) and bellam (jaggery) are made into a thick paste and put on a tamalapaku (betel leaf). The bride and the groom put it on each other’s head while the purohit chants mantras from the Vedas. The bride and the groom look at each other only after this ceremony is completed.

We have keen attention to detail when it comes to capturing candid moments. We noticed this bride's maid having a lighter moment with the person holding the other end of the curtain that is to be lifted few moments after #jeelakarabellam ritual.

Ever wondered what is the significance of this beautiful ritual? Talambralu- After tying the Mangalsutra on the bride, the bride and groom shower one another with ‘Talambralu’. This denotes the couple’s desire for happiness, enjoyment and contentment. Initially the couple’s starts this ritual by putting ‘Jeelakarabellam’ on each other’s head and they take turns to shower the ‘Talambrallu’, but as the time progresses the bride and groom compete with each other, for making some beautiful captures♥️

Bhuvan Geethika's Cinematic Wedding Film | Hyderabad

A wedding film from @creativeclouddesigns 📹 - @creativeclouddesigns. After spending months on editing this film, we couldn’t decide how to take this film to a story, luckily this came out to be a very fun and super intimate wedding film.

You are going to Witness the love story of Bhuvan and Geethika which has lots of tenderness and a generous dose of craziness. Some feelings aren't made the way that words could explain, such story is what we experienced in this wedding. We named this film as Bhuvan's Geethika because to be loved by the person you love is everything.


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