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Raghu & Vyshnavi | Pre-Wedding Shoot | Bangalore | Hassan

Raghu & Vyshnavi Pre-Wedding Shoot | Bangalore

Let us tell you about our Pre-wedding story… What we wanted? How did we get it done? Most importantly “Is it Important to get a Pre-wedding shoot done?” So let’s begin… Once we were engaged, I (Vyshnavi) was too excited about Pre-wedding, not only excited but had lot of ideas of what I wanted.

Themed Photoshoot- "A theme can bring a much-needed tone to your couple photoshoot"

We have travelled many places in bangalore for photoshoot but out of that we are coming up with the 5 best locations travel for pre-wedding shoots in Bangalore, Karnataka

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PLANNING YOUR PRE-WEDDING SHOOT: I have seen people doing their Pre-wedding shoot without much preparation. You are investing your time and money on it and you are going to treasure the pictures forever or get them framed on your wall (I have ) so obviously, you want them to be Awesome!!

Romantic sunsets: Nothing quite screams romantic like a beautiful sunset. A sunset is a great way to capture a shot that’s beautiful yet so peaceful at the same time. Be sure to let your professional photographer know what silhouette you want to capture Silhouettes at sunset make for the perfect backdrop and a must-have for all couples.

The perfect date: Recreate the perfect date for a shoot. It could be your favourite activity or maybe even your first date. Maybe even include a set of activities depending on the time of day. Some ideas for an ideal couple photoshoot would be lunches/dinners, going to a theme park or beach. Be sure to not miss out on any candid shots.

Which is the best place for photoshoot in Bangalore?

"5 Best Places for Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Bangalore for Couple Shoot Locations"

  1. Baba boingir,

  2. Chikamglur

  3. Udipi Beach


  5. Nandi Hills


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