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Vooha Jayaram | Pre-Wedding Story | Creative Cloud Designs- Vijayawada

Best Outdoor Pre-Wedding Shoot | Choosale Kallara Song | Chirala & Vijayawada

"Better than I was, More than I am, And all of this happened, By taking your hand".

Vooha & Jayaram | Pre-Wedding Story | Creative cloud designs

Couple Story:

Couples who are in love, and planning to get married or getting married to fell in love, pre wedding shoot in Chirala Seabreeze Beach Resort is what makes their romantic.

Choosale Kallara Pre-Wedding Outdoor Song Shoot taken at Chirala Seabreeze Beach Resorts New Bridal couple-Vooha Jayaram and also in #ximivoguevijayawada #TheIMPERIALVSN #drunkenmonkey #Vijayawada #chirala #seabreezeresorts #andhrapradesh

Location Backdrops

Experience calm and peaceful locations at Sea Breeze inserted away and situated acroos the blue water, white sands and azure blue skies, is this beautiful resort, Sea Breeze. The little known piece of paradise in chirala- Seabreeze, soak up the sun, stroll along the beach or take a leisurely dip with your loved ones. Also we experienced Spacious open air and air-conditioned meeting place to host conferences , weddings as well as birthday parties. A beautiful memorable experience the magic of The Bay of Bengal at it’s very best only at Sea Breeze Resort, Chirala, Ramapuram.

Choosale Kallara Pre-Wedding Video Song | Chirala Seabreeze Beach Resorts | Vooha Jayaram


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