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Vooha Jayaram | Wedding Story | Creative Cloud Designs

Vooha Jayaram's Wedding Highlights Teaser | Emotional Telugu Wedding Film

Vooha and Jayaram, the cherished couple were certain about getting their wedding done in the most traditional way and at the same time making it a memorable moment for all the friends and family. ​​

This wedding film is made for the beautiful couple Vooha & Jayaram.💓

Here is the teaser of #VoohaJay​​'s wedding celebrations. Do check it out the Wedding Highlights from the Vooha & Jayaram's Wedding Day!

A roller coaster of Emotions 😍😇😇👰🏻🤵🏻

Sharing the much-awaited video glimpse of Vooha & Jayaram (Jay) from their wedding day celebration, which conveys multiple emotions of a couple & their loved ones being contented with the small things, the little moments while awaiting & celebrating the big emotions that will follow.

Jay's wedding is everything we fantasize about when we shoot: Fun, easy-going, relaxed, intimate, emotional and artistic!

❤️ These stunning moments that will tuck your heart & give you goosebumps.🤩

Cast & Crew:

Bride : @Vooha

Groom : @Jayaram

Wedding Venue : KM convention, Vijayawada

Vooha & Jayaram | Best Wedding Teaser 2021 | Telugu Wedding Promo Video | Vijayawada | Creative Cloud Designs Photography

Wedding Film by Creative Cloud Designs Photography, Vijayawada

Contact Info : +917799443441

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