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Vooha Jayaram Pre Wedding Shoot Story| Seabreeze Resorts

Vooha Jayaram Pre Wedding Shoot Story at Seabreeze Resorts | Chirala

Gorgeous Pre wedding Photoshoot Planned in Chirala Beach Front Resorts | Seabreeze

This is my favourite picture from the pre-wedding photoshoot of Vooha and Jayaram. The way this couple is romantic and having an amazing time is perfectly captured in our gear.

Planning for pre wedding photoshoot in beach then you must see our best pre wedding photoshoot poses for beach pre wedding you must try! Who dont like to go on beach and have lots of fun with friends and family or romantic walk with your better half in shoes on your hands!

But when it comes to plan the pre wedding photoshoot on beach everyone thinks a alot about pre wedding photoshoot poses and how many photos we can actually click, well we are here to solve problem for you, we will attach our few best pre wedding photoshoot images which we have taken in beach.

Chirala Beach is the most perfect beach for shoot nearby Vijayawada, there are beach front resorts on other side which you can use in your shoot. Sunlight is just so perfect in the evening time that you can catch exact angle.

Vooha & Jayaram’s Pre-wedding Shoot in Winter was a fantastic experience for us. Vooha and Jayaram are wonderful couples. We did this photoshoot in Winter Season. Also, this couple has an outstanding choice of costumes.

Vooha & Jayaram’s Pre-wedding Shoot in Winter was overall outstanding and romantic couple shoot session. If you are also looking for such amazing pre-wedding photoshoot like Vooha & Jayaram then Contact Us +91-7799443441..


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