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Hinduja Prudhvi's Haldi Ceremony | A Real Hindu Destination Wedding Story

Haldi Bridal Shower Ideas/Poses | Haldi function | Hinduja & Prudhvi

Wedding Haldi Ceremony Photos of Hinduja Prudhvi in the RVR Sarovar Dindi Resorts -Godavari, Razole

Hinduja Prudhvi's Destination Wedding Celebrations at Dindi Resorts

#Day01 schedule is #HaldiCeremony event

Importance of HALDI - A Pre-wedding Ceremony || Real Hindu Weddings ||

The Haldi ( popularly we call it as Mangala Snanam) is a conventional ceremony prevalent in Hindu/ Telugu weddings. It was a holy bath done before the wedding ceremony followed as a traditional cultured from old times. Haldi, oil and water are also applied to both the bride and groom by married women in their family's on the morning of the wedding. The whole haldi event is filled with yellow color holi celebration moments.

Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Vijayawada | Creative Cloud Designs Photography

"It was love at first swipe"
HALDI - Colors of Love in Destination Wedding

The Colourful Indian Wedding Rituals - #haldiceremony of #hindujaprudhvi 👩‍❤️‍👨 on #holifestival #specialday in the year 2020 .#holifestivalofcolours

haldi-ceremony-photos-hindujaprudhvi-dindi-resorts (4)
The Colourful Indian Wedding Haldi Stories

CCD captured best Candid moments #theenchantinglove while playing holi colors groom with the bride in the holy occasion of Hinduja Prudhvi's Destination Wedding Celebrations.

haldi-ceremony-photos-hindujaprudhvi-dindi-resorts (2)
Haldi Candid Photos - Hinduja & Prudhvi

A Real Hindu Wedding Haldi Ceremony Photos- Bridal Shower Ideas from Hinduja Prudhvi's Indian Destination Wedding Rituals framed by Creative Cloud Designs Photography

haldi-ceremony-photos-hindujaprudhvi-dindi-resorts (3)
Candid Couple Moments
haldi-ceremony-photos-hindujaprudhvi-dindi-resorts (1)
I saw your smile start to crack
bridal-shower-photos-hindujaprudhvi (1)
Bridal Shower Candid Photo Stories
bridal-shower-photos-hindujaprudhvi (2)
Bridal Shower in Destination Wedding at Dindi Resorts

This destination wedding rituals and candid couple moments happens in a beautiful scenic locations of countryside resort "RVR Sarovar Portico Dindi, Razole" #EastGodavari District, #AndhraPradesh

Location Backdrops:

The RVR Sarovar Portico Dindi Resort’s colorful attractive location settled on the banks of the serene Godavari River. It is the perfect destination wedding place in the countryside aroma. Dindi provides a range of modern amenities when coupled with the warm hospitality and it help our guests have a cherished wedding day celebrations.

#HinduWeddingRituals (Highlights) of Hinduja Prudhvi's Country Side Destination Wedding happend at RVR SAROVAR PORTICO DINDI Resorts

Watch #HindujaPrudhvi Wedding Teaser in a High Quality 2k video format


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